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Good design is as little design as possible
Rams invented appliances that expressed their function to users simply and honestly: switches, buttons and dials were kept to a minimum and placed in the most logical way.
Design is not the creation of a beautiful form, but the process of designing its essence.
One of the first Product Designer
Rams was against design changes for the sake of marketing. Looking at a food processor, a razor, or a tape recorder, one understood that these products belonged to the same family.
Braun's leading designer from 1962 to 1995, an adherent of the functionalist school. Many contemporary designers such as Jonathan Ive, Naoto Fokusawa and others are his followers. Design based on Rams principles has not become obsolete for decades.

10 principles
of good design

It makes it easy to understand the structure of the product.
Rams developed the idea of a timeless design, a design that does not become obsolete. He simply asked himself the question: How perfect is my design?
little design as possible
As an answer, I formulated the 10 rules of what good design should be:
Back to simplicity, back to purity.
Products that serve a purpose have the attributes of a tool.
Being honest means not trying to show the product as more innovative, powerful, or valuable than it is.
Design makes an important contribution to preserving the environment; it conserves resources and  minimizes physical and visual pollution.
"Design has nothing to do with art. Design can help make the products we use every day smaller but better. We have enough products. If you look, you have ten or 20 kinds of coffee makers on the market that are basically the same, doing all the same things: they make coffee.

10 принципов
хорошего дизаина
Unlike fashion design, it persists for many years, even in our current society of disposable consumption.
Design is always in step with innovative technology.
Good design perfects the useful and ignores anything that doesn't serve a purpose or contradicts it.
The items you use on a daily basis shape your personal environment and sense of well-being.
thorough down to the last detail
Nothing should be unreasonable or left to chance.
Design is supposed to solve problems, not create new ones, but many designs create new problems. We have to make the world a better place.
"The main property of design is the ability to make things perfectly fit their purpose," says Rams. - If a boat is too beautiful to sail, it just becomes dangerous. Anything else is superfluous, unnecessary, harmful and at best creates visual, tactile, marketing noise around it."
Dieter Rams
Naoto Fokusawa
Naoto's projects are based on strict aesthetics, ascetic forms, minimalist beauty and the main rule of Japanese Zen philosophy - true richness in what is extremely simple. In his influence on modern design Fukasawa is not inferior to Dieter Rams.
Jonathan Ive
"Minimalism" is the main hashtag of his style. At Apple, Joni was responsible for the look and feel of the brand's products - and he is largely responsible for making them look functional, innovative, and smart.
British industrial designer, developed the concept of functional design to the idea of "supernormal" things, the essence of which: "no need to get fancy. Morrison creates a "new simplicity," beauty for everyone, and people favor his designs.
Jasper Morrison
Grcic embodies the ideas of modernism, the Bauhaus, developed by Ramsom. German industrial designer, former cabinetmaker, graduate of the Royal College of Art in London. From 1990 he worked in the studio of Jasper Morrison, later opened his own studio KGID in Munich.
Konstantin Grchik
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